After Azerbaijan ORACLE Conference…

On Saturday, 7 May, I gave seminars about   “Oracle Database Architecture” and ” Oracle Data Guard” in the Azerbaijan Oracle Conference.

With the first presentation, we learned importance of the database and its place in our life. And also learned database components by small demos.

With the second presentation, We learned about our standby database which will help when we lose our very valuable data. We learned Data Guard technology, process architecture (SYNC,ASYNC), protection modes,  Physical Standby, Logical Standby, Snapshop Standby, Active Data Guard concepts.

At the end of my presentations, I did demo.  We installed standby database over active database with RMAN. And we also tested switchover with demo. It was a nice day 🙂

I want to give good news that our Oracle conferences will continue abroad

I will be sharing my presentations and demo videos with you as soon as possible.

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