Become a DBA! Become an Oracle DBA!

Become a DBA! Become an Oracle DBA!

Hi Friends,

So far, I wrote a technical article, I ‘m writing and will write. But in this article let’s come out a little technique, I want to write an article about a social context.

In this article, I will talk about becoming a DBA. I talk about the road to the DBA and the need to get out of the stairs… In college years, I interested in software, and started as a system expert  to my business life after college. I will also talk about an adventure from system expert to becoming an Oracle DBA…

DBA is a general concept. It means that Database Administrator. Peoples called as Database Administrator who manages of Microsoft SQL Server Database , who manages IBM DB2 ,  who manages Sybase ASE or IQ … But there is a Database Administrator much more specific. Oracle DBA!

I always give the following example to my  friends starting business life. Imagine that we have a soup. Throw a little salt and now some spice for getting a good taste 🙂 Throw some software information and some system information to a little pot, mix them and combine with the agility. It tastes yummy! like  Oracle DBA 🙂  I said that must be some system information. Because  a database runs on the operating system. In this case, we need to have some idea about the operating system. Like driver’s license. You need to be understand  a bit from the car engine to get driver’s license . No need to be familiar enough to dismantle the engine repaired. But need some information in case of failure on behalf of the owner must be able to identify the source of the problem. I also need some software knowledge. Because the application which is written by developer friends runs with our database. We must identify the query which caused the problem and inform to our developer friends.

So what should you consider to become an Oracle DBA? If you decide to become an Oracle DBA to be tightened to read. Because there are many many articles… but they are pleasant topics. Shall love learning 🙂 Also teaching 🙂 DBA must be innovative. To be tightened to deal The famous ORA errors. You must be resolute and determined. Shall love to take risks. Continuous need to up your brain. Shall love the mathematics. You will calculate byte, kilobyte, megabyte, terabyte, … 🙂 You should not complain about stress. Not be afraid of pressing F5 or F9 keys, but you must make sure on pressing these keys. You should follow technical articles.

Each head of business is the education. When we decide to become an Oracle DBA that we must be take three basic training.

  1. Introduction to SQL
  2. Database Administration I
  3. Database Administration II

Besides these three basic training, You must read  “Oracle Database Concepts” document which you can download from . There is an examination of each of the three preceding training. There are two SQL exams at the end of first training (Introduction to SQL)  according to your preference. Taking 007 SQL exam, you will be just past the exam. Taking 047 SQL Expert exam you will be passed SQL exam and have Oracle SQL Expert certification  as well as . At the end of secondary education will enter the exam with the OCA (Oracle Certified Associate) and will enter the exam at the end of the third training with the OCP (Oracle Certified Professional) titles. It will be documented by your knowledge of Oracle worldwide. The title of the top is Oracle OCM (Oracle Certified Master). OCM exam is a practical two-day exam .

When you start as an Oracle DBA, has to learn advanced topics. Such as RAC Administration, Performance Tuning, Data Guard, Backup and Recovery issues.  Needs to follow Oracle Gurus such as Jonathan Lewis, Thomas Kyte, Julian Dyke, Richard Foote and so on. Remember, every human feats, learns to stand on two feet, learns to walk up to put the falling, and eventually learns to walk, run, … All these are patience, perseverance and takes time. … all these are patience, perseverance and takes time.

You decided to become Oracle DBA. You took basic training above. You read “Oracle Database Concepts” document by understanding. You have got Oracle certifications and ongoing a few steps. Now it’s time to find a craftsman and to do his apprentice. Need to complete every job to meet his craftsman. So need to run the project in pursuit.

So what does the Oracle DBA? Performs the following tasks and looks briefly answer the following questions:

– DBMS Installations –  The data will be large or small? Does an online database? Or is it the DSS database? Is it Single Instance? or the RAC? If RAC how many node?

– Monitoring – Who does what? Who is waiting? Why waiting?

– Security – Who is connecting and what are they doing in our database?

– Disaster Recovery – What are  the requirements? What is my disaster plan?

– Performance Tuning – How can I use my database effectively?

– SQL Tuning – Who owns this bad SQL? This should not work like this. Using the wrong index. 🙂

– Backup and Recovery – Our backup is correct? When my database is corrupted what should be my recovery plan? Plan A? or Plan B? or Plan C?

– Upgrading– Should you upgrade you database? What are my advantages? Apps are affected? How much service is interrupted?

7/24 support for should not be ignored. Ready! Always ready! Who? DBA! 🙂

In college years, I  interested in programming. After university I began my career as a system expert, and ongoing career as Oracle DBA. And  I used exactly what I wrote.

My greatest goal in this article, help my friends who decided to become an Oracle DBA. Remember that the secret of success is at your fingertips … 🙂

Oracle DBA olmaya karar veren veya verecek olan arkadaşlarıma nacizane yol göstermek amacıyla bu makaleyi yazdım. Unutmayın başarının sırrı parmaklarınızın ucunda… 🙂

Wishes to be useful …

Talip Hakan Öztürk


One thought on “Become a DBA! Become an Oracle DBA!

  1. thanks Talip Hakan Öztürk…I am fresher out from college this year and now just started working.My role is dba.I had no idea about oracle dba and your information was really useful.

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