Oracle’s OSWatcher Utility

Oracle’s OSWatcher Utility

OSWatcher is a tool for the analysis of the data produced  such linux utilities as top, iostat, vmstat, netstat commands. It provides the analysed data as a graphic with OSWg tool . Tool developed by Oracle and can be downloaded via metalink (

1- Download the file called oswbb402.tar  from this metalink note ( “OS Watcher Black Box User Guide [ID 301137.1]” . Copy tar file to Linux  /oracle/ora11g directory as “oracle” os user.

2- Extract tar file with “oracle” user

# tar xvf oswbb402.tar

3- Change directory to /oracle/ora11g/oswbb

# cd /oracle/ora11g/oswbb

4- Now, start OSWatcher utility using script. There are two parameters of this script. Specify the first parameter with the time interval and the second parameter to determine how many hours of data collected. Works with the default values you run without any value.

# ./

Info…You did not enter a value for snapshotInterval.

Info…Using default value = 30

Info…You did not enter a value for archiveInterval.

Info…Using default value = 48

Testing for discovery of OS Utilities…

VMSTAT found on your system.

IOSTAT found on your system.

MPSTAT found on your system.

NETSTAT found on your system.

TOP found on your system.

Testing for discovery of OS CPU COUNT

OSWbb is looking for the CPU COUNT on your system

CPU COUNT will be used by oswbba to automatically look for cpu problems

CPU COUNT found on your system.


Discovery completed.

Starting OSWatcher Black Box v4.0.2 on Sat Apr 14 22:55:05 EEST 2012

With SnapshotInterval = 30

With ArchiveInterval = 48

OSWatcher Black Box – Written by Carl Davis, Center of Expertise, Oracle Corporation

For questions on install/usage please go to MOS (Note:301137.1)

If you need further assistance or have comments or enhancement

requests you can email me

Starting Data Collection…

oswbb heartbeat:Sat Apr 14 22:55:10 EEST 2012

oswbb heartbeat:Sat Apr 14 22:55:40 EEST 2012

oswbb heartbeat:Sat Apr 14 22:56:10 EEST 2012

oswbb heartbeat:Sat Apr 14 22:56:40 EEST 2012

oswbb heartbeat:Sat Apr 14 22:57:10 EEST 2012

oswbb heartbeat:Sat Apr 14 22:57:40 EEST 2012

oswbb heartbeat:Sat Apr 14 22:58:10 EEST 2012

oswbb heartbeat:Sat Apr 14 22:58:40 EEST 2012

5- Stop OSWatcher utility using script.

# ./

All collected data is stored in archive directory.

6- Login to Linux as “oracle” user. To view data that is collected in graphics, start OSWg tool as follows.

# export PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/jdk/bin:$PATH

# java -jar oswbba.jar -i archive

Starting OSW Black Box Analyzer V4.0.2

OSWatcher Black Box Analyzer Written by Oracle Center of Expertise

Copyright (c) 2012 by Oracle Corporation

Parsing Data. Please Wait…

Parsing file DBTALIP_iostat_12.04.14.2200.dat …

Parsing file DBTALIP_iostat_12.04.14.2300.dat …

Parsing file DBTALIP_vmstat_12.04.14.2200.dat …

Parsing file DBTALIP_vmstat_12.04.14.2300.dat …

Parsing file DBTALIP_top_12.04.14.2200.dat …

Parsing file DBTALIP_top_12.04.14.2300.dat …

Parsing Completed.

Enter 1 to Display CPU Process Queue Graphs

Enter 2 to Display CPU Utilization Graphs

Enter 3 to Display CPU Other Graphs

Enter 4 to Display Memory Graphs

Enter 5 to Display Disk IO Graphs

Enter 6 to Generate All CPU Gif Files

Enter 7 to Generate All Memory Gif Files

Enter 8 to Generate All Disk Gif Files

Enter L to Specify Alternate Location of Gif Directory

Enter T to Specify Different Time Scale

Enter D to Return to Default Time Scale

Enter R to Remove Currently Displayed Graphs

Enter P to Generate A Profile

Enter A to Analyze Data

Enter Q to Quit Program

Please Select an Option:4

Files containing the data will be parsed first.Then, faced with a menu as shown above. For example, to see the status of the memory, press 4 button and then the [ENTER] key. The memory status screen appears with the relevant graph.

Talip Hakan Öztürk


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