RAC binary fails with [INS-35354] on 18c Grid Infrastructure


We have installed two node 18c Grid Infrastructure and DB software. Also we need to run database on this 18c Grid Infrastructure. While we install RAC binary, runInstaller fails with below error.

[INS-35354] The system on which you are attempting to install Oracle RAC is not part of a valid cluster.

This error occurs due to missing node list / information in inventory.xml of central inventory.

Even The CRS flag set to TRUE for GI Home, the node details were missing in central inventory.

<HOME NAME=”OraGI12Home1″ LOC=”$GRID_HOME” TYPE=”O” IDX=”1″ CRS=”true”/>
For workaround, please run below command with grid os user.

cd $GRID_HOME/oui/bin/

./runInstaller -silent -updateNodeList ORACLE_HOME=$GRID_HOME “CLUSTER_NODES={<nodename1>,<nodename2>}” CRS=TRUE LOCAL_NODE=<nodename1>

After running above command, please rerun ./runInstaller binary.

You can also check Metalink Doc ID 2282456.1 for this issue.


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