How To Modify SCAN Name or SCAN VIP Addresses


For some reasons you may want to change scan name or scan ip addresses.

As grid user stop resources:

$GRID_HOME/bin/srvctl stop scan_listener
$GRID_HOME/bin/srvctl stop scan
Update DNS entries for new scan name and ip addresses.

As root user modify SCAN:

$GRID_HOME/bin/srvctl modify scan -n <new_scan_name>

For only, if you intend to change SCAN name, due to bug 9603829,  you must execute the following:

$GRID_HOME/bin/crsctl modify type ora.scan_vip.type -attr “ATTRIBUTE=SCAN_NAME,DEFAULT_VALUE=<new_scan_name>”

After SCAN name was changed, update database spfile parameter for remote_listener to the new scan.

As grid user modify and start resources:

$GRID_HOME/bin/srvctl modify scan_listener -u
$GRID_HOME/bin/srvctl start scan_listener

Please confirm the change

$GRID_HOME/bin/srvctl config scan
$GRID_HOME/bin/srvctl config scan_listener

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