Creating an Oracle Autonomous Database

In this blog post I want to describe how to provision a new Autonomous Database using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console.

To create an Autonomous Database;
1- Open the navigation menu on the left side of page. Under Database, click Autonomous Transaction Processing or Autonomous Data Warehouse

2-Click Create Autonomous  Database.

3-In the Create Autonomous Container Database dialog, enter the following database information:

Compartment: Specify the compartment in which the container database will be created.
Display Name: A user-friendly description or other information that helps you easily identify the resource. The display name does not have to be unique. Avoid entering confidential information.
Database Name: The name must contain only letters and numbers, starting with a letter. Maximum of 14 characters.

Note: The following naming restrictions apply to Autonomous Transaction Processing and Autonomous Data Warehouse databases:

Names associated with databases terminated within the last 60 days cannot be used when creating a new database.
A database name cannot be used concurrently for two Autonomous Databases, regardless of workload type.4- Select the desired workload type. For example let me select “Transaction Processing”. And Select Infrastructure Type as Shared.

If you want to create an Autonomous Database database on dedicated Exadata infrastructure then you must select “Dedicated Infrastructure”

5- Let me configure the database CPU Core Count and Storage Configuration
Always Free: Move this selector to the right so that the provisioning workflow shows only the Always Free configuration options. Note that the Core CPU count and Storage configuration fields are disabled when provisioning an Always Free Autonomous Database. Your database will have 1 OCPU, 8 GB of memory, and 20 GB of storage.

Important Note: If your Always Free Autonomous Database has no activity for 7 consecutive days, the database will be automatically stopped. Your data will be preserved, and you can restart the database to continue using it. If the database remains stopped for 3 months, it will be reclaimed.

6- Set the password for the Autonomous Database Admin user by entering a password that meets the following criteria:

Between 12 and 30 characters long
Contains at least one lowercase letter
Contains at least one uppercase letter
Contains at least one number
Does not contain the double quotation mark (“)
Does not contain the string “admin”, regardless of casing

7- When you provision an Always Free Autonomous Database, the license type is set to License included and cannot be adjusted.

8- Finally, click Create Autonomous Database.

9- Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console will start provisioning the database

After a few minutes,our Autonomous Database will be Up and running.


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