How To Scale Up/Down an Autonomous Database?


I will describe how to scale your Autonomous Data Warehouse on demand by adding CPU cores or storage capacity.

1- Open the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console
2- From the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure left navigation list click Autonomous Database.
3- On the Autonomous Databases page select an Autonomous Database instance from the links under the Name column.
4- From the Details page click Scale Up/Down

5- On the Scale Up/Down dialog box, select the change in resources for your scale request.
Click up arrow to select a value for CPU Core Count.
Click up arrow to select a value for Storage (TB).

Here if you want to enable auto scaling, select Auto Scaling. Select auto scaling to allow the system to automatically use up to three times more CPU and IO resources to meet workload demand, compared to the database operating with auto scaling disabled.

6- Click Update to change your resources.
7- the Lifecycle State changes to Scaling in Progress.

To see the average number of OCPUs used during an hour you can use the “Number of OCPUs allocated” graph on the Overview page on the Autonomous Data Warehouse service console.


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