How to unlock and reset the AVSYS account password in Oracle Audit Vault 12?

The AVSYS account is kept as locked in the Audit Vault database after the installation is done. The Audit Vault database has the Database Vault option also enabled. To unlock and reset password for any database user account you have to login as the Database Vault account manager, which is “dvaccountmgr” in Oracle Audit Vault (AVDF). In order to do so you have to login to the Audit Vault server using root password (set during the AVDF installation) and then switch user to “dvaccountmgr” os user .

su – dvaccountmgr
env| grep ORA
sqlplus /
SQL> show user;

Now, you are logged in the audit vault database using “DVACCOUNTMGR” account and you can perform the account unlock and password reset operation.

SQL> Alter user avsys account unlock;
User altered.
SQL> Alter user avsys identified by Welcome1;
User altered.

Now, you can login to AVSYS account using sqlplus as below

su – oracle
sqlplus / as sysdba
SQL> conn avsys/Oracle123;


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