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Place of Birth – Istanbul,Turkey

Email –  talip_hakan_ozturk@hotmail.com

MSN: talip_hakan_ozturk@hotmail.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thozturk

Linkedin : http://www.linkedin.com/in/taliphakanozturk






Summary of Experience

I graduated from Azerbaijan Technical University, Department of Computer Engineering with top level degree in 2005. My expertise is about server technologies and database management systems. Developments in technology increase day by day. I, as a person who is aware of these developments, follow recent developments and technologies, especially in ORACLE technologies. I have fully dedicated to Oracle Database technologies like RAC, Data Guard, RMAN, ASM, Grid Control, Performance Tuning, and Security. I am an Oracle ACE and an Oracle Certified Professional DBA (10g, 11g, 12c).  I am an OCM (Oracle Certified Master). I passed exam successfully after a two-day challenge in Shanghai, China.  I like to learn new technologies and teach others. I have presented at several University and Oracle user Group seminar and have an active Oracle blog to share knowledge and experiences. I have authored books, “Oracle Database 11gR2 – For Beginners”, “Oracle Database 11gR2 – Advanced Database Management” and “Oracle Database 19c – For Beginners” in Turkish. I am Founder of DBMASTER Information Technologies Inc. DBMASTER IT offers Oracle, MS-SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB Database consultancy services.


2000-2005: Azerbaijan Technical University, Bachelor of Science (BSc), Computer Engineering (Russian)


English – Advanced

Russian – Advanced

German – Elemantary

Turkish – Native Language

Completed Courses

Oracle Database 11g Introduction to SQL – Oracle University (Istanbul, Turkey)

Oracle Database 11g Administration Workshop I – Oracle University (Istanbul, Turkey)

Oracle Database 11g Administration Workshop II – Oracle University (Istanbul, Turkey)

Oracle Advanced PL/SQL – OraTurk (Istanbul, Turkey)

Oracle Database 11g RAC Administration – Oracle University (Istanbul, Turkey)

Oracle Database SQL Tuning – Oracle University (Istanbul, Turkey)

Advanced RMAN with Arup Nanda – Oracle University (Istanbul, Turkey)

Solaris 11 – Gantek Technology (Istanbul, Turkey)

OVM for SPARC – Gantek Technology (Istanbul, Turkey)

Database Testing Hands-On Workshop Oracle University (Istanbul, Turkey)

Seminars given by Talip Hakan Öztürk

06.11.2010 :Ege University – Database Basic Concepts and Overview of the Oracle Database

04.12.2010 : Bahcesehir University – Oracle SQL Performance Analyzer

07.05.2011 : Azerbaijan Oracle Conference – Oracle Database Architecture

07.05.2011 : Azerbaijan Oracle Conference – Oracle Data Guard (Disaster Recovery Solution)

16.04.2011 – 17.04.2011 : CETURK – Oracle Enterprise Linux & Oracle Database 11g R2 Installation Workshop

07.07.2011 – 11.08.2011 : Empatik – Oracle Database Administration

26.11.2011 : Dumlupinar University Oracle Seminar

24.03.2012 – 25.03.2012 : Izmir Institute of Technology –  Oracle Database Administration Workshop

28.04.2012 – 29.04.2012 : Ege University –  Oracle Database Administration Workshop

02.07.2012 – 10.08.2012 : Satjokulu2012- Oracle Database Administration Workshop

11.10.2012 : TROUG Day 2012 – Bahcesehir University – Introduction to RAT and Database Replay

08.12.2012: Maltepe University – Veriden Gelecege

22.12.2012: Yalova University Oracle Seminar

09.03.2013: Firat University Oracle Seminar

20.04.2013 – ANATEKDER (Anatolian Technical Staff Association) Oracle Seminar – RMAN Backup and Recovery Methods, Tips&Tricks

12.08.2013 – 06.09.2013 : Stajokulu2013 – Oracle DB Administration

07.12.2013 – Veriden Gelecege – Istanbul Aydin University

21.12.2013 – Istanbul Aydin University Oracle Seminar – Protect Your Data with RMAN

22.03.2014 – Veriden Gelecege – Istanbul Technical University – If you want to become an Oracle DBA, join us!

03.05.2014 – Veriden Gelecege – Cyprus Eastern Mediterranean University – If you want to become an Oracle DBA, join us!

15.05.2015 – ANATEKDER (Anatolian Technical Staff Association) Oracle Seminar – Oracle Real Application Testing

03.03.2016 – TROUG High Availability SIG 2016 – Oracle RMAN 12c New Features

28-29.04.2016 – TROUG Days Istanbul 2016 – Oracle Database Upgrades

08.11.2016 – Oracle Digital Day 2016 Istanbul – The Key of Application Performance-Bind Variables

10.02.2017 – TROUG DBA SIG 2017 – Oracle Database Benchmark Testing Tools


  • Oracle Certified Master
  • Oracle Certified Professional 12c
  • Oracle Certified Professional 11g
  • Oracle Certified Professional 10g
  • Oracle Certified Associate 10g
  • Oracle Certified SQL Expert


Oracle Database 11g R2 – For Beginners , Pusula, March 2012

Oracle Database 11g R2 – Advanced Database Management , Pusula, August 2012


OTech Magazine – Spring


– Graduated from Azerbaijan Technical University with top level degree

– Won third rank in Russian Language Olympiad between International Students from different universities in Baku

– Oracle ACE Award  since 2012

– Oracle Certified MASTER


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