Real Application Testing – Database Replay (3)

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We learned how to capture the workload on the Oracle Enterprise Manager  and preprocessing the workload using RAT-Database Replay feature. In this article, we will learn the replaying workload on the Oracle Enterprise Manager. This step is performed on the test system. The test system must be made of the planned change (upgrade, hardware change, the database parameter changes, etc.). Now let’s implement a step by step.

1-  Login to OEM

2-Click “Database” link.

3- Click “Software and Support” page. Click “Database Replay” link under “Real Application Testing”

4-Click “Go to task” button across the “ReplayWorkload”

4-Choose directory object “CAPTUREDIR” and click ”Set Up Replay” button.

5- You must complete prerequisites on the screen. Click “Continue” button.

6-You will get a warning that replay operation should be performed in a completely isolated test system. Click “Continue” button.

7-Click Next

8- Specify connect descriptor for client connection. You can test connection using “Test Connection” button.

9-Prepare replay clients.  Replay client (wrc) is a multithread program where each thread submits a captured session workload. Click Next.

10- The database will wait for connection from the wrc client program.

11-Connect using WRC. You can also connect to the database remotely  using TNS alias. You can find wrc executable in the 11g client software.

12-After connection, OEM will detect it. And you can continue.

13-Click Submit button to start replay process.

14- You can monitor replay status on the wrc client.

15- You will see “Replay finished” message on the screen after the completion replay process.

16- Click Report tab to compare period reports.

 We learned how to use the “Database Replay” feature on the OEM.  I will write same operations using the API in the next article.

Talip Hakan Öztürk

How to Capture the Workload using the Oracle Enterprise Manager? Database Replay-1

How to Preprocess the Workload for Replay using the Oracle Enterprise Manager? Database Replay-2

How to Replay the Workload using the Oracle Enterprise Manager? Database Replay-3


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