CRS-2317:Fatal error: cannot get local GPnP security keys (wallet) messages reported in instance alert log


After installation Oracle 18c RAC database, I got following error messages in alert log file. Database wass using public ip for the cluster_interconnects instead of HAIP.From.

Alert log file content

[USER(4431)]CRS-2317: Fatal error: cannot get local GPnP security keys (wallet).
[USER(4431)]CRS-2316:Fatal error: cannot initialize GPnP, CLSGPNP_ERR (Generic GPnP error).
kggpnpInit: failed to init gpnp
WARNING: No cluster interconnect has been specified. Depending on
the communication driver configured Oracle cluster traffic
may be directed to the public interface of this machine.
Oracle recommends that RAC clustered databases be configured
with a private interconnect for enhanced security and
if you check gv$cluster_interconnects view, it returns no rows.
If you are not using Clusterware (Single instance) than you can ignore this messages. But if you are using RAC like my case then workaround is please set database init parameter for cluster interconnects.alter system set cluster_interconnects=’′ scope=both sid=’orcl1′

alter system set cluster_interconnects=’′ scope=both sid=’orcl2′

Restart database and recheck your instance alert logs.

Also check gv$cluster_interconnects

select * from gv$cluster_interconnects;

2|eno2 | |NO |cluster_interconnects parameter
2|eno3 | |NO |cluster_interconnects parameter
1|eno2 | |NO |cluster_interconnects parameter
1|eno3 | |NO |cluster_interconnects parameter

For example, if you are running two instances of Oracle for two databases on the same machine, then you can load balance the interconnect traffic to different physical interconnects. This does not reduce Oracle availability.

CLUSTER_INTERCONNECTS can be used in Oracle Real Application Clusters environments to indicate cluster interconnects available for use for the database traffic. Use this parameter if you need to override the default interconnect configured for the database traffic, which is stored in the cluster registry. This procedure also may be useful with Data Warehouse systems that have reduced availability requirements and high interconnect bandwidth demands.


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