Signing Up for the Free Oracle Cloud Promotion


Signing up for the Free Oracle Cloud Promotion is easy. You create an Oracle Cloud account, and then you get a welcome email with the details in 1-2 days.

1-Go to the  Oracle Cloud website.

2- Click Oracle Cloud Free Tier, and then click Start for free button

3-Fill out the Sign Up for Free Oracle Cloud Promotion form( Country, email ,etc.). Provide a valid email address. Instructions about signing in to your new cloud account are sent to this address. If your email address is already associated with a cloud account, then you can click the link to get all your accounts associated with your email address.

Your email ID is also used to check if you are eligible for any special offers. If you are, then you’ll be prompted to select a special offer from a list of applicable offers.

4-Create a cloud account name, which is used to identify your cloud account.
Select a Home Region, where your services will be hosted.
Note:Your home region contains your account information and identity resources. It is not changeable after your tenancy is provisioned. If you are unsure which region to select as your home region, contact your sales representative before you create your account. Enter a valid cell phone number, so we can text you a verification code and click Next:Verify Mobile Number. VOIP or internet-only mobile numbers are not accepted. Your address is validated and displayed with corrections, if any. Confirm your address if prompted. Enter the SMS code you received on your phone and click Verify Code. If you already have a verification code, then follow the on-screen instructions to verify your phone number.
You can also request another code if you don’t receive a verification code soon.

5-Enter Password for your account.

6- Payment information. If you provided a credit card during sign-up, it was only used for verification and will not be charged unless you upgrade to a paid account. Note that usage during your promotional period is discounted

7- Accept the terms and conditions, and then click Complete Sign-Up to submit your request for a new Oracle Cloud account.

8-After the services in your tenancy are provisioned, you’ll be redirected to the login page and you’ll get a welcome (Get Started) email with your sign-in credentials.

Now,You can start using the console to create/manage/monitor instances.


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