After Stajokulu 2011 Oracle Workshop..

Hello Friends,

I have completed  My Oracle workshop started on July 7 at the end of a period of 1.5 months in Stajokulu. We worked to recognize the Oracle Database in  2 hours per week. We saw Oracle is a privilege of knowing. We started  with Oracle Database Architecture seminar and continued to recognize practical database objects. Meanwhile, We had chats on the DBA career. I talked about how to become a DBA and how to become an Oracle DBA . Then moved towards more advanced topics. What is the Oracle RAC? we talked about it and how to provide benefit. We have made practice about database locks, read consistency  and have knowledge about back-up, disaster recovery solution.

Each lesson, I tried to convey a summary of the previous course. Everyday, We tried to revive the database architecture in our minds, with examples from life.  Besides all of the social context I tried to share my experiences. What goes on in business life and also as a professional to prepare your CV … In fact,  what you need to have a good speaker 🙂 🙂 🙂

Despite taking the database course in the university , somebodies have met with Oracle on the first time. Thanks to Stajokulu for bringing us together.  Each week, the students showed interest and excitement in my Oracle course. I want to thank

I wish to continue this enthusiasm…

Click below for the presentations. I will share with you the our applied study video as soon.





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