Creating an Oracle Autonomous Container Database

In this blog post I want to describe how to provision a new Autonomous Container Database using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console. Container databases are only necessary for Autonomous Databases on dedicated Exadata infrastructure.
To create an Autonomous Container Database;
1- Open the navigation menu on the left side of page. Under Database, click Autonomous Transaction Processing or Autonomous Data Warehouse

2-Click Create Autonomous Container Database.

3-In the Create Autonomous Container Database dialog, enter the following database information:

Compartment: Specify the compartment in which the container database will be created.
Display Name: A user-friendly description or other information that helps you easily identify the resource. The display name does not have to be unique. Avoid entering confidential information.

4-Choose the Autonomous Exadata Infrastructure you wish to use to create your container database. We already created in previous post

5-You can select Advanced Options:

Tags – Optionally, you can apply tags.
Management – Optionally, you can specify the backup retention policy, which controls the length of time you retain backups in the Autonomous Container Database. The choices are 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, and 60 days. The default setting is 60 days.

6- Click Create Autonomous Container Database.


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